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FBA Multi-Tool Features: 

First of it's kind, launched January 2018, make the right decisions when buying and analysing your deals. We've taken the Amazon FBA world by storm with this hit analysis tool. 


•  Advanced FBA Calculator: Unlike other calculators that only give ROI, our calculator works out ROI, Profit Margin, Break-even Price (very useful for re-pricers) All FBA Fee's, EFN Fee's, VAT, VAT to be Remitted, Taxes in USA Plus much more.

•  Sales Estimator: Stop buying items that don't sell well, our sales estimator will help you make the right decision. 

•  BSR Checker: Gives you the best seller percentage for example top 1%, 3%, 5% & 10%.

•  Hazmat & Restriction Checker: Automatically checks if the item is Hazmat or if the item has any restrictions in brand or category. 

Private Label Detector: Checks to see if the listing has a chance of being PL. Avoid suspension and drama. 

Export Deals: 1 Click export, export all the information you need to google sheets with a single click. 

Customise Settings: We've made it so all calculators settings are fully customisable.

Eu Price Display: As it says on the tin displays all the EU prices for that item.

Currency Conversion: Select which currency you bought your items in and the calculator will convert the rest for you. 

Interactive History Graph: Fully interactive keepa style graph. Displays all the important history data at no extra charge to our members.

Plus so much more being added regularly - Visit the Features Page for more 2019 updates or join our Facebook group 


No Card Needed Easy Setup. Improve Your Amazon Business Today


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Fast Performance

We pride ourselves in keeping the performance of our chrome extension in top order.

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You can contact us via Live Chat or Email Us and we'll reply within 12 hours. 

Top Security

Security is very important to us, none of you information is shared or sold to third party companies.




•Hazmat/Brand & Category Restriction Checker

•Pop Up Keepa Chart 

•Top Rank Percentage Tab

•Current Top 5 Prices

•FBA Calculator


March 2018:

•App Compatible With US And EU Marketplaces. (Already UK Compatible)
•UK & EU Version To Display All EU Market Place Prices In GBP & Euro 
•ASIN's To Be Displayed On The App. 


April 2018:

•EFN Fee's

•EFN Fee Adjustment

•Fixed Transit Cost 

•VAT Option


May 2018:

•Private Label Detector – Avoid Suspension

Red= High Risk – Stay Away

Orange= Medium Risk Investigate Further – Check Keepa, see how many sellers it’s had in its lifetime if only 1or 2 stay away

Green= Low/No Risk

• Break Even Price (Great For Sellers Using Re-Pricers, set your WAR price)

• Profit Margin (Most Calculators Only Give ROI)

June 2018:

• Select your buying currency - App will convert currency

• QTY added, to work out the total profit you will make on the entire stock 

• Export feature. Once you've calculated an item that fits your criteria you can instantly export it to your google sheets.

(You will need to login to the chrome browser with the correct gmail account & add the URL of the google sheet in the app settings) 

July 2018:

• *Sales Estimator* Partnered with (SellerApp.com) to provide you with one of the best sales estimators on the market. Estimator works on UK, US & EU marketplace.

• Stock Checker - Check your competitions stock levels 

• Interactive Keepa Chart - Click ASIN or Investigate further button on pop up page

• Now Displays top 10 sellers

• Total new FBA & FBM seller counter

For more RECENT updates  please check the Features Page

Give Your Amazon Business An Advantage

A Little About Us 

We've been know as the most Advanced FBA calculator on the market but to be honest FBA Multi-Tool is so much more. As far as we know the features you'll find on our app are like no other, we've been working on this since Q4 last year and managed to launch start of 2018.  The supports been great we can't thank you enough.

We're working on this app every month, updates & fixes come out very regular, this isn't some app we're going to finish building and leave.

We will continue to grow and listen to any of your suggestions. We take all ideas on board, If you have any please do send them over and we can discuss with you more about it and how we can implement it.  This entire app was built and what Amazon sellers want and we will continue to work that way. 

Any questions or suggestions please do contact us at the bottom of this page. 

We've Come a Long Way

A Little more About Us

As Amazon FBA sellers ourselves we knew exactly what sellers needed to improve their FBA businesses and make it easier to run. We spent hours/days looking for some kind of app/extension that would have multiple functions built in to one, something that could check for restrictions, hazmat issues and have a built in calculator + much more.


What we wanted, It just wasn't out there. So we decided, what if we could make some kind of multi-tool for sellers, honestly we had no experience in building apps, we recruited a great developer who helped us get started and the extension was a success on launch.


But we didn't want to finish it there, we put together a bigger team and the quest continues. FBA Multi Tool will keep growing, more & more features are being added all the time, it's gone past the point of just being an Advanced Calculator app that checks restrictions and calculates profits it does so much more.


If you have any ideas they will be taken on board. We want this to be the must have app for all FBA sellers.And our team will work hard to make this happen. 


What People are Saying

A few reviews left by our users

Really love this extension has already started helping me make better decisions and quicker decisions. thank you Mike, Zak and the rest of the team.

Waqas Anjum

Blown away! I already had everything covered apart from "Hazmat", so thought I'd give it a try. So glad I did. This extension is way better than others and it has already saved me from making a costly Hazmat error.

John Stevinson

Wow! Absolutely love this extension. What a time saver. Congrats to Zak and team!

Emma Watts

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