Latest Features

• Advanced FBA Calculator

•  Sales Estimator (Paid Version)

•  BSR Checker

•  Hazmat & Restriction Checker

•  Private Label Detector

•  1 Click Export Deals

•  Interactive Keepa Style Graph (Paid Version)

•  Voucher/Cashback Discount Slider

• Customise Calculator Settings

• Eu Price Display

• Currency Conversion

• VAT Calculator

• EFN Calculator

• Displays Break Even Price

• 1 Click Auto Ungate 

• Variation Viewer

• Stock Checker

•  FBA & FBM Seller Count

•  VA Monitoring & Tracking

•  Quick Results Page Calculator

•  Unique ROI Buy Price Feature

•  Avg Rank & Price 30/60/90

•  Item Scoring System

July 2019:

• Variation Checker - Make better decisions with Variation Listings (Inc. finding most popular variation by verified reviews)  - Watch Preview Here

June 2019:

• Voucher Discount Slider (If you use cashback or vouchers this will instantly deduct the percentage from your buy price)

May 2019:

• 1 Click Auto Ungate (Not all items need an invoice to unlock the brand or category restriction some will auto ungate, this feature will speed this up 10x)  - Watch Preview Here

• Item Scoring System - This new scoring system is mainly to help more beginner sellers make quicker decisions when buying, it will look into many data points such as ROI, Profit, Sales, Buy Box Stock, Competition on the item and much more and return with a score based on these points. It can also help more advanced users make faster decision but was designed with beginners in mind to help speed up sourcing  - Watch Preview Here

April 2019:

• Our Own Interactive Keepa Style Graph FREE to our members. - Watch Preview Here

Feb 2019:

• Instant ROI Buy Price Checker, Avg Rank & Buy Box Price (30,60 & 90 Days). Plus a New Stock Checker & UI Design -  Watch Preview Here

December 2018:

Results Page Calculator (Keepa, Sales estimator & Export) Make Decisions Before Loading The Product Page -  Watch Preview Here

October 2018:

• VA Check In, Time & Screenshot Monitor Feature Added (Monitor your employees work & hours) - Watch Preview Here

September 2018:

Design revamp

July 2018:

• *Sales Estimator* Partnered with ( to provide you with one of the best sales estimators on the market. Estimator works on UK, US & EU marketplace.

• Stock Checker - Check your competitions stock levels 

• Interactive Keepa Chart - Click ASIN or Investigate further button on pop up page

• Now Displays top 10 sellers

• Total new FBA & FBM seller counter

June 2018 

• Select your buying currency - App will convert currency

• QTY added, to work out the total profit you will make on the entire stock 

• Export feature. Once you've calculated an item that fits your criteria you can instantly export it to your google sheets.

   Watch Preview Here

(You will need to login to the chrome browser with the correct gmail account & add the URL of the google sheet in the app settings) 

May 2018

•Private Label Detector – Avoid Suspension

Red= High Risk – Stay Away

Orange= Medium Risk Investigate Further – Check Keepa, see how many sellers it’s had in its lifetime if only 1or 2 stay away

Green= Low/No Risk

• Break Even Price (Great For Sellers Using Re-Pricers, set your WAR price)

• Profit Margin (Most Calculators Only Give ROI)

April 2018

•EFN Fee's

•EFN Fee Adjustment

•Fixed Transit Cost 

•VAT Option

March 2018

•App Compatible With US And EU Marketplaces. (Already UK Compatible)
•UK & EU Version To Display All EU Market Place Prices In GBP & Euro 
•ASIN's To Be Displayed On The App. 


•Hazmat/Brand & Category Restriction Checker

•Pop Up Keepa Chart 

•Top Rank Percentage Tab

•Current Top 5 Prices

•FBA Calculator

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