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Dedicated to, driven by, and developed by FBA sellers and entrepreneurs, FBAmultitool boasts a wide range of unique and high-quality features to help transform your Amazon business.

Uniquely designed.

We take a lot of pride in the features we have produced for the FMT as sellers ourselves we knew exactly what was needed to improve that FBA lifestyle. 

I'm someone who has always thought there must be an easier way of doing this, (work smarter not harder). The Amazon game can be a really full on business so if you can save anytime at all by using clever software tricks it has to be a plus, right?  


Let's give it a shot!

Really love this extension has already started helping me make better decisions and quicker decisions. thank you Mike, Zak and the rest of the team.

Waqas Anjum.

Blown away! I already had everything covered apart from “Hazmat”, so thought I’d give it a try. So glad I did. This extension is way better than others and it has already saved me from making a costly Hazmat error.

John Stevinson.

Wow! Absolutely love this extension. What a time saver. Congrats to Zak and team!

Emma Watts.

I was reading reviews on another extension they were saying how the support was charging them to make changes and fixes. So glad this extension has a nice team behind. Keep up the great work.

Roman S. Valdez.

What others say.


The features we've added were very well thought through as to what would help improve the quality of our Amazon business. A lot are very unique to us and shouldn't be found anywhere else.

EU Marketplaces

Understand how your product performs around the globe by viewing EU Marketplace data.


Offering an all-in-one approach, scoring allows for a simple instant and intuitive rating. Products are rated over a wide range of different KPI’s, offering instant and easy analysis for each product.


Understand risks that your products may face. The Advanced panel offers Private Label detection and early warning systems, preventing mistakes and errors. Sales estimation offers predictions for demand – allowing you to target your best audience and products, to receive the best results.

Breakdown your deals using the in-built calculator. Adjust and edit to truly understand your scope of possibilities, assisting you to achieve greatness.


Sales data allows you to view insights on your competition, so you can understand just what you're up against!

Sales Data

Competition is a key aspect to achieving success with your FBA products. Sales Data enables you to scope your competition, so you can price competitively and effectively. Work smarter!

Product Information

eBay Searching

Instantly view online competition. eBay searching allows you to view your competition on eBay.


Hazmat Warnings

Hazardous materials warnings become easy with FBAmultitool, providing you with an easy-to-view early warning system.