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All You Need to Know About the Amazon Seller App

amazon seller app

Who doesn't want the luxury of being able to manage your Amazon store from your couch, right? The Amazon Seller app has numerous options available which will make this process a piece of cake for you. The best aspect is that you can do it remotely. This is the Android and iOS-compatible, free Amazon mobile app. However, it goes beyond a mobile monitoring dashboard.

We'll go over the ins and outs of the Amazon Seller App in today's fast guide. Let's take a closer look to see how it functions and if your store would benefit from it.

The Amazon Seller App: What Is It?

Consider the seller app to be your mobile Amazon account. You may use your smartphone to manage your Amazon store thanks to this app.

Using the Amazon Seller app, you may perform the following tasks:

  • Find fresh merchandise to offer on Amazon.

  • Publish fresh product listings.

  • Track and analyze sales.

  • You would be in charge of sales, deliveries, storage, and returns.

  • Answer questions from customers.

  • Organize global sales.

This amazing app is available to all Amazon sellers without charge. You can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play.

After that, sign in to the app and fill up your information. You'll be able to remotely control your seller account after the sync is finished.

The Amazon Seller App: How Does It Operate?

You can look for new products you're interested in selling using the scanner in the Amazon seller app. Using word searches or image matching, you can also discover new options.

The following outcomes will be displayed for each new product search:

  • The cost of the item.

  • Your anticipated margin of profit.

  • The item's position on Amazon.

  • A list of retailers offering the product.

From this point on, compare the product with similar listings using the profit calculator. To make an informed choice, you can evaluate features, information, and reviews.

Additionally, retailers can use the built-in profit calculator. You can enter your purchasing costs into this calculator to obtain a more precise profit estimate.

On a side note, sellers can also use Amazon seller apps on some of the Fba tools they use for their sales. Many tools provide built in Amazon seller apps along with other cool features to provide their customers with the entire package. Similarly, FBAmultitool has launched its very own advanced Amazon seller app which can tell you about your profit, return on investment (ROI), sales per month and much more! We’ll mention the link below:

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Features of Amazon Seller App

Let's examine each benefit offered by the Amazon Seller app in more detail.

Make and modify product listings

To upload or edit new product listings or catalogs, use the seller app. This also entails providing descriptions and titles.

You can utilize the Photo Studio fully as well. Before uploading a new listing, you can edit the item's images using the built-in image editor.

Every image is reviewed by the app's photo studio before being uploaded. This aids vendors in making sure their images satisfy Amazon's standards.

Merchants have the ability to control item pricing. The app displays product-level cost information that you can alter or update immediately.

Order Processing

Brands that fulfill orders can configure the Amazon Seller app to alert them whenever a new transaction occurs. You may then check the status and updates for each order.

Basically, you may monitor each step of the sales process. That covers settlement, execution, and delivery.

The software is also set up to handle goods returned from customers. Every return request can be approved, and refunds can be given right from your phone.

Additionally, you can configure the app to notify you of recent consumer inquiries.

You can manage customer responses and feedback while on the go, thanks to the app's access to a Seller Feedback Manager.

Analysis of Sales

You can monitor your sales progress over time with the seller app. For instance, you may look over your best-selling products and see how each one is doing on Amazon.

The sales of your items during various time periods can be tracked by merchants by looking at charts. This is a great way to monitor your entire revenue growth.

Inventory Control

Access to inventory details is provided by the Amazon Seller app. Sellers can use inventory analytics to assess the condition of their stock.

You can also trace fulfillment to the warehouse, ask for quantity adjustments, and replenish stock.

Promotion Control

A Deals dashboard is included in the Amazon seller app. Here, you may create and manage ongoing product promotions like 7-Day Deals.

The app keeps track of your current Amazon sponsored promotions. Bids, ad spending, cost per click, keywords, and other information may all be reviewed and updated.

Account Support & Health

From the seller app, you may review the essential KPIs for your Amazon accounts. For instance:

  • Rate of Order Defects

  • Valid Tracking

  • On-Time Delivery

  • Rate of late shipments

  • Cancellations

You will receive updates from the seller app regarding your compliance with Amazon's rules. Additionally, you can check the balance of your upcoming Amazon payment.

The app can also connect you with Amazon's seller support in the event that you have an issue with your account and need assistance.

Final Takeaway

By remaining in one spot, you cannot be successful on Amazon. To locate merchandise, attend meetings, and oversee storage facilities, Amazon sellers must move around. Test the waters.

So why not travel with your Amazon store? You'll be able to check in constantly and make changes to your company in real time.

Because of this, resources like the Amazon Seller App can assist you in managing a thriving store from anywhere in the world.

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